Inmtoo PHP Framework version 1.1

We create simple product. Installation is without console.

Very low entry threshold!

Copy framework to server and work
Familiar to all MVC-architecture
We work to create new libraries
Download fo free

Our services

Plugins, templates for sites. PHP + MySQL, JS (Ajax) and etc.
Adapting templates
To your site on any CMS and frameworks
Adaptive layout
HTML 5 + CSS 3 + JS and etc.
We will understand in another's code

Short documentation

We are working on the framework and documentation. You can accelerate this process and we will give more libraries, functions, templates.


Inmtoo PHP Framework - MVC Framework. SYSTEM Functions. "/system/" - system functions. "/system/core/" - DB connections; Router; View - function. "/system/libraries/" - Database; Authorization. "/system/core/helpers/" - Form; Redirect.

APPLICATION. Controllers - "/application/controllers/". Models - "/application/models/". Views - "/application/views/".

Address bar Arguments are passed to the function as an array:

function YourFunctions($args) { .... }

arg1, arg2, arg3 - array element values. $args[0] is "arg1".

USE library

We use autoload of classes. So to call method of Database (for example), use Database::insert($table, $add);.


Form::request('var'); instead $_REQUEST['var'];.

Form::get('var'); instead $_GET['var'];.

Form::post('var'); instead $_POST['var'];.

Please, help to develope the project

We create free product for buiness. Prepare to release: front-end & back-end interfaces; administrative panel; authorization; shopping cart; catalog; helpers (pagination, validation); работа с files and etc. Ideally, we want to create a flexible framework, the work with which can not even begin with a programmer.

How we work

We first show the result, and then ask for money.

You make a request to the support service, we estimate the cost; We carry out *; Show the result; You pay.

* For complex projects, we can ask for an advance payment. Or we split into simple tasks and payment is made in stages.

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