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Hi! My name is Max Sharun. I and my team believe in your success. So we give more than you expect. How? If we have identified one specialist for your project, he will still get help from others in solving your problem. And we keep the history of development to quickly perform tasks.


All of them are available to you:

PHP Python MySQL NoSQL PostgreSQL JS HTML5 CSS3 JS Bootstrap Laravel Yii Codeigniter Wordpress Django Flask React.js Vue.js Node.js Backbone Jquery Linux Lamp Apache Nginx

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Why us?
1 Professional team. You can get it for the price of one specialist.
2 Communication and work 24/7. We are always in touch.
3 Work on the project will not stop. Even if someone is forced to leave our team, his place will be taken by another.

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Our services

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Develop a website, web service, web application.
Full-time management of your project with your team.
We will eliminate errors and modify your site. Write us now!
Feedback about us
Kirill R.

They achieved double sales growth. I still don't understand how it works.

Nik K.

For little money, they made me rich. I did not think that from the site on WP you can squeeze so much.

Alexander P.

Online store chips from scratch without CMS? Crazy, but it worked.

Some our works

Let's start!
We have created an external PHP framework for a half-closed CMS (PHP4!!!). Added more than 250 thousand pages and increased search traffic twice. Redesigned landing pages and increased the average conversion rate to 12% (on individual campaigns to 25%).
Microframework PHP MVC
We love frameworks and therefore created our own. We do small specific projects on it. And it helps us. We mainly use it for prototyping. It can be easily installed on any hosting by simple copywriting. You can use it too. There's github and it is for free.
CSV Reader
This is a very nimble library for reading CSV files. They are integrated into our framework, but you can use this class in any other projects.
Bot Engine
Simple but effective engine for bots. Written in Python. We love Python and want to see more orders in this wonderful language.
Collect GEO data from social networf VKontakte: Countries, Cities. WARNING! Regions is not supported anymore! .
Library for safe work with files. We wrote for our framework, but You can use it in any other framework, CMS, CMF.

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