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Professional team
More than 15 qualified specialists
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You pay only for the work actually done
24 h support
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Our services

Plugins, templates for sites. PHP + MySQL, JS (Ajax) and etc.
Adapting templates
To your site on any CMS and frameworks
Adaptive layout
HTML 5 + CSS 3 + JS and etc.
We will understand in another's code
Comfortable conditions of cooperation

You pay only for the completed stage of work. If the project is large, we divide it into small stages. Our team consists of employees of different qualifications. For easy tasks you pay less. We are open to long-term cooperation. We can create and manage a team for your project. We will agree about the price.

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Our prices
Hourly payment
  • Light tasks - from 35$ / h
  • Middle tasks - from 45$ / h
  • Dificult tasks - from 55$ / h
Package hours

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Project work

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Your benefits

Keep history
The team may change, but it will not affect the quality
Phased payment
We break the project into phases, you pay step by step
Your own team
We will assemble a team for your project.
Contract Work
We can conclude a long-term contract.